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Sourcing the best from the best

At the heart of The Gannet is the quality of our ingredients. Since 2013 we’ve built partnerships with foragers, farmers, fisherfolk and artisans who work local to the land across Scotland.

One such is Greenheart Growers. Originally sited in the shadows of Parkhead Stadium in Glasgow’s east end, they’ve now relocated to more verdant fields beside Kinghorn Loch in Fife.

What’s special isn’t just the incredible variety of super-high quality vegetables and herbs they grow, but the passion they have for organic farming and their drive in supporting the local community. The team work tirelessly throughout the year expanding their range and inspiring the next generation of growers to become self-sufficient.

So thanks to our wondrous suppliers. Their exceptional produce transports the essences of nature into our kitchen. Our ethic at The Gannet is to honour the integrity of seasonal Scottish ingredients, before aligning modern technical dexterity to every dish.


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